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Meet our team of Oracle® specialists that care about the quality of their work and who really deliver

Penny Cookson Oracle

Penny Cookson Penny Cookson Oracle Ace Alumni

Penny is the founder and general manager of Sage Computing Services. Penny likes nothing more than tuning a badly written SQL query, teaching the latest Oracle concepts, presenting at user group events and travelling around the world. Penny is well known in the Australian Oracle community and the Australian Oracle User Group ( AUSOUG) scene, was awarded lifetime membership in 2003 in recognition for her efforts, has won numerous conference best papers prizes, is an Oracle ACE Alumni and was awarded the Oracle Educator of the Year by Oracle Magazine in 2004.

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0419 904 458


Ray Tindall Oracle

Ray Tindall

As a 15+ year veteran of Sage Ray is one of our most experienced Oracle professionals. He has evolved his skills from the Developer Suite through Portal and onto the likes of Application Express and JDeveloper. Ray has also sidelined significant focus into the depths of the Oracle Middle Tier products originating with Application Server and, moving with the times, the world of Weblogic. Ray's foray into the Middle Tier has included installation, configuration and administration as well as security and integration projects involving both Oracle and 3rd party products. In the fine Sage tradition of not being backward in stepping forward, Ray is known to present the odd and often "left of field" paper at the AUSOUG National Conferences and user group meetings.

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Kate Marshall Oracle

Kate Marshall

Like most of our team, since 1999, Kate has specialised and become an expert in the Oracle toolset, subsequently becoming a Systems Consultant of choice by our many clients. Kate's business system expertise ranges from small and large government sites through to commercial organisations, leveraging such Oracle tools as Apex, SQL and PL/SQL, as well as the traditional Oracle Developer Suite and Discoverer. Kate's technical confidence and knowledge is so sound, that Kate frequently teaches our Oracle training courses around Australia. Kate has also presented at the AUSOUG National Conference, showing our real system development experience with "Oracle Applications From the Back of a Ute", and a detailed SQL Developer Masterclass. Kate also recently delivered a PL/SQL presentation at one of our Sage Half Day Oracle Training Workshops.

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0403 757 460


Eddie Harris Oracle

Eddie Harris

Eddie's focus is on the cutting edge areas of JDeveloper ADF. With a background in traditional Oracle Forms development he is now working on modernising those old Forms systems to create shiny new JDeveloper applications. If we can tear him away from JDeveloper, he is also an expert at building Apex systems that look like real applications. Eddie has been published in AUSOUG's Foresight magazine, has presented at the AUSOUG conference, and was once referred to by a client as "every mother's dream".

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0408 642 530


Kylie Duthie Oracle

Kylie Duthie

Kylie joined the Sage team in 2010 from Oracle Consulting Perth where she was involved in the development of a custom application for the education sector. Kylie specialises in data integration between systems. She has a keen eye for identifying and fixing data irregularities and is happy producing code to execute hundreds of thousands of times. Kylie provides Sage with a valuable developer resource, both in traditional PLSQL and Application Express development. Kylie is passionate about empowering business decision makers with valuable information about how their businesses are performing. She is currently channelling this passion into Oracle BI Cloud solutions and recently started a blog about all things Oracle

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0402 229 996