Oracle 11g PL/SQL Training


This course is for developers who will be designing or building applications using the Oracle server. It is relevant for developers who are using the Oracle Developer toolset, and for those using alternative front-end products accessing the Oracle database. The course covers basic PL/SQL syntax and the use of server level procedures, functions and triggers.


A knowledge of SQL is required.


3 days


  • PL/SQL Overview
  • The Oracle Development Environment
  • Basic PL/SQL Syntax
  • SQL Statements in PL/SQL
  • Procedural Statements - Assignment and Conditional Processing
  • Procedural Statements - LOOPS
  • Exceptions
  • Nested Blocks and Cursors
  • Tables, Arrays and Records
  • Architecture Overview
  • Procedures / Functions
  • Execution and Error Handling
  • Security and Dependency
  • Packages
  • Supplied Packages
  • Triggers
  • Large Objects

Who are our trainers?

Oracle ACE Alumni Penny Cookson and Oracle ACE Scott Wesley head our team of experienced consultants and trainers.

Penny was recognised as Oracle Educator of the Year in 2004

Complete Agenda

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