Oracle 12c Application Tuning Training


This course is designed for Designers, Developers, and Database Administrators, and examines all aspects of tuning SQL statements and applications.


A sound knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL is required.


3 days


  • Defining a Tuning Methodology
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Processing an SQL Statement
  • Indexes
  • Cost Based Optimisation
  • Gathering Statistics
  • Tracing and SQLTXPLAIN
  • Adaptive Optimisation
  • Data Warehouse and Large Database Design
  • SQL Profiles
  • Storage Parameters
  • Hash Clusters and Index Clusters
  • Optimising PL/SQL
  • Optimising Applications through Stored Procedures and Packages
  • Using the Results Cache
  • Data Design for Performance
  • Tuning Tips
  • Partitions
  • Optimise using Parallelisation
  • Tuning Tools

Who are our trainers?

Oracle ACE Alumni Penny Cookson and Oracle ACE Scott Wesley head our team of experienced consultants and trainers.

Penny was recognised as Oracle Educator of the Year in 2004

Complete Agenda

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