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Application Express 4.x New Features Workshop


The course is designed to familiarize current Application Express developers with the exciting new features in Apex 4.x. Topics will include the changes in the interface, new client events , tabular form enhancements, web sheets and team development.


Attendees should be familiar with Application Express 3.
This course covers all 4.x releases.


1 day

  • Introduction to Apex 4.x
  • Product Features
  • What's (possibly) coming in 5
  • Apex Listener
  • Developer Features
  • Improved Application Builder
  • Plugins
  • Dynamic Actions
  • Mobile
  • Cascading LOVs
  • Enhanced Debugging
  • jQuery Integration
  • Websheets
  • Team Development
  • Better Themes
Complete Agenda

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Oracle ACE's Penny Cookson & Scott Wesley head our team of experienced consultants and trainers.

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