jQuery in Oracle Application Express


jQuery in Oracle Application Express teaches you how to apply useful jQuery techniques to applications developed in Oracle Database’s Application Express development environment. Application Express, called APEX for short, is one of Oracle’s fastest-growing development environments. jQuery is one of the technologies that is "baked in" to APEX. With it you can treat your web page as if it were a database, and doing so enables a range of features and functions that can improve your work and make you into a better developer, or at least into a faster and more efficient developer.

jQuery in Oracle Application Express covers the fundamentals you need to start enhancing your applications, and some practical examples that you'll want in your own applications tomorrow. By learning even the basics of jQuery - a framework already used by Oracle APEX - you will see your applications raise the bar. Discover why you should embrace HTML5, CSS, and jQuery library capabilities, and how they can enhance the user experience.

  • Exemplifies how productive APEX, CSS, and jQuery can be
  • Transforms your PL/SQL skills to CSS and jQuery
  • Provides jQuery snippets to enhance your application UI


Familiarity with APEX


2 Days

Who are our trainers?

Oracle ACE Alumni Penny Cookson and Oracle ACE Scott Wesley head our team of experienced consultants and trainers.

Penny was recognised as Oracle Educator of the Year in 2004

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