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Training Workshops

Occasionally SAGE Computing Services conducts extended workshops sessions.

Please find this page as reference for supporting files. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for future workshops.

Perth August 2015

Fundamentals for Success (Penny, Scott, Katie, Kylie)
Half day event covering Tuning, PL/SQL, SQL and APEX.
Tuning Tools (3.9mb)
Snazzy SQL (18mb)
PL/SQL Tips & Tricks (734kb)

APEX 5 websheet reference
Username: sageday
Password: ausoug

Perth March 2015

Add Awesome Visualisations to APEX using JSON (Scott)
Learn how to utilise 3rd party frameworks in APEX 5, using vis.js as an example.

Please find supporting script here: sage_json_workshop.sql (8.9kb)

Perth November 2014

jQuery for PL/SQL Developers (Scott)
This is an extended length deep dive presentation introducing PL/SQL developers to the power of jQuery and CSS. There will be five mini-workshops during the session, plus time at the end for further hands-on.

Even those with just touch devices can participate, testing features as they're added to the presenter's sample application.
  • The first demo utilises this basic HTML file.
  • The remaining demonstrations use code and instructions found in this file
  • Finished sample application available here
Insync 2013 - Half-day Training Workshops

APEX Plug-in Workshop (Scott)
This is a half-day workshop helped APEX developers step through process of locating, downloading, installing & consuming 3rd party APEX plug-ins.
This workshop targeted APEX users of all skill sets.
Source the plug-in source files. Those wishing to try this on their own APEX instance you can download these setup scripts and follow the README.txt
The instructions for the day are also available as an application on

JDeveloper Workshop (Penny)
This is a half day workshop walked the attendees through the redevelopment in JDeveloper ADF of a small legacy application.
  1. Read through the ADF workshop setup.
  2. Consider the requirements of the fiction legacy system to be transformed.

SQL Setup file

Most of our examples use a basic bookings/events table structure. The DDL can be downloaded here.
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